Leaving as a Blogger

What did I not learn about social media? A question that I ask myself as my English 3372 Computers and Writings class is wrapping up. So much learned and not enough words to express this.

Honestly one of the best experiences in this class was blogging. As I am now going to leave this amazing class and I am also going to be called a blogger. Usually when a class ends it literally ends! You get the grade and you are done, but with this class I am going to leave with a lot of connections and skills that I will be using in the real world.

Blogging has definitely been one of the greatest tools that I learned to use for its true reasons throughout this class. I was able to connect with not only my classmates but also with people all over the world to discuss my experiences with Web 2.0 and thoughts on a lot of other different material.

Before this class I had never blogged before not only did I not ever blog I had never even read another persons blog out there or kept up with any of this. I never knew that blogging could be so fun and easy. Sure we had requirements for class on how much we can write and were told what to cover each week but that was never a problem. At first however I do have to say I had a hard time writing a lot because I kept having the thought that hmm there are multiple other people that are going to be reading this. It had kind of scared me as this is a public blog, but then gradually I got over it and now don’t worry about who is reading and why. I freely express my thoughts and opinions.

Being able to express yourself has been one of the main reasons for why I enjoyed blogging.  Again I am leaving this class as a blogger. I honestly hope to continue to blog because it is something that I enjoy. There are many kinds of themes we can also use our blog for and I really hope to keep up with my blog to note down my everyday experiences or a very special moment in my life.

In the future I definitely think that it would be awesome to blog about maybe my own wedding how and where I did my shopping etc. It would be very exciting and I am sure it would attract a lot of attention because I myself being a young woman would love to read something like this and it is even more exciting when you know the blogger personally.

Blogging gives you a little more inside on a persons life. When we are using other Web 2.0 tools such as twitter we are limited to only a certain amount of characters and what not but when we blog we can write as much as we want and are able to give our viewers the full story. My experience with blogging has been great and it is definitely something that should be more encouraged in schools and universities all over.

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Sounds Interesting I Thought

When I first looked into taking my Computers and Writings class I did not realize what all this class was going to consist of. Little did I know that this was even more than just Computers and Writings. A lot of the class consisted of building networks and networking with others online. I created a persona of myself online which I did not have thanks to this class which I quite frankly really have enjoyed a lot.

                Blogging is something that I would definitely like to start with this is something that I had no clue practically about. I never had blogged before and neither had I ever kept up with or read blogs of any person out there. Now I am a weekly blogger thanks to this class not only that I learned that this is a free service that is available for anyone around the world and it to me is like public diary that can be read anywhere by anyone.

Twitter definitely is the one thing that I learned a lot more about rather than just giving live updates about what I am having for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I learned the better uses of it throughout the course of this semester.  This is now my go to site for inside on the professional lives of the students in my class and college professors rather than just reading the tweets of those venting their anger out on a social networking site.   I got to see using Twitter that we all have persona’s online and what we say can and is being read by people that we might not even know. We are being judged by our avatar and tweets.

My experience till date with web 2.0 has been just amazing I have learned so much and all of this has just benefited me. Sure I am very much concerned with my security and privacy online that is why I choose not to participate in networking sites such as Facebook which we talked a lot about in class. Another one of the reasons for why I do not have a Facebook is because of the fact that we virtually get to know people before even meeting them and I really don’t like the idea of that.

The kind of writing that we did in this class all consisted of Computers and I now am going to be leaving this class actually learning more than I had ever imagined I definitely did not think at all that we would speak so much about Social Networking. I have enjoyed speaking of this so much and learned way beyond my imagination. I did not know and had never thought about how powerful a person can be thanks to Social Media and I learned this when I read about Sasha’s story earlier on in the semester as you might remember me blogging about this earlier on. Overall this journey till date has been very pleasant and can’t wait to see what all is next.

You tell me what have you learned being online? You don’t have to be in my English 3372 class to answer this..

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Who has the choice? Who is wrong and who was right?


This week’s topic for my blog has to be one that I find the most controversial. Why I say this is for multiple reasons. Who is right and who is wrong I can’t really say despite having discussions in class and reading an article that we were to by Julian Dibbell which was titled A rape in Cyber Space. This article had me thinking a lot of different things but what had really got me thinking was this past Friday in class when we were told to ignore the men in the class when speaking about this article and rape and is it a woman’s choice to even keep a child that is the outcome of a rape. I wouldn’t necessarily say that this was unfair it was very interesting listening to what the other girls in my class had to say because we all had the same views and agreed on what we felt  is wrong and what we felt is right which wasn’t very surprising.
I feel in my opinion that it is the victims choice whether male or female to decide if it was rape or what. I do have to say it would have been very interesting to hear from the men in the class because even a man has many connections to a woman and it does not necessarily have to be in the form of a significant other we all have or might have a mother, sister, grandmother, aunt or even a daughter so I felt that it would have been even more interesting to hear their thoughts on this. I feel that I would have had another view on this situation if the men were allowed to speak and I might have even learned a few more things.
It didn’t bug me at first that we that our teacher had told us to ignore the men in the class but I did not think that we were going to do it for the whole class time which I felt was wrong. I thought that the women in the class were going to express their thoughts and then maybe the men would as well toward the end which kind of sort of happened but some still chose to keep mum. Again I am really interested in knowing what the men in the class had to say about this topic because most of us women feel the same.
I think that this was an excellent experiment seeing that a lot of the women out there in this world are not being heard and decisions are being made for them without them being asked so maybe this could have been a reason for why the men were ignored but then again everyone’s voice should be heard. I think if we were all to be controlled just like how we are in a class we would be more civilized but it would be as if we were all robots.
When discussing rape in cyberspace I do feel that the victims voice is the most important but the person that is accused of doing this should also be heard. If the same situation was to take place and it was committed against a man I do feel that it would be viewed quite differently and this is why I feel that the men in the class should have been able to speak as well because I want to know myself how they would feel if this was to happen to them.
Could we have used another approach? Yes, I definitely feel that we should have been able to hear the rest of our classmates opinions as well. I won’t say that this was an unnecessary social experiment because I did learn a lot from this experiment because not only did I speak for the women in the class I also put myself in the shoes of the men in the class and felt injustice maybe done because my voice was not heard. I feel that since the men were not given the opportunity to speak this was not really effective in some sense for them, but I do feel that it has taught me more. Again overall I felt throughout the whole experiment and after class that the men should have been given an opportunity to speak.

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We Are All Surveilled Online

Ahh!! Albrechtslund’s article Online Social Networking as Participatory Surveillance, had to be by far one of my favorite articles that I have read in my Computers and Writings class. The abstract idea of the article had me hooked from the start. As soon as I read the words participatory surveillance I knew this is going to be interesting. Participatory surveillance is social networking.

Albrechtslund provided us with terms we use everyday such as cyber spacing and the definitions and depths of these terms. He gave us great examples of ways we basically are setting ourselves to be surveilled I believe and one of the main ways is that we provide our real names he said that on MySpace 82 percent of teens provide their real first names for their profiles! You are just giving yourself away I do have to say when one these  networking sites. Not only are we giving away our information to this one site we are providing the whole World Wide Web with our information. I say this because most users do use their own pictures and state which city they reside in and that narrows it down to who you are and basically where you live.

Finding people has become so easy and we now know about a person before even meeting them through their online persona’s. I really liked his points on eternal friendships I thought that was actually quite funny haha.. He stated how the digital trails of an online friendship do really last forever. The points he brought up honestly even scared me at times weird how I deactivated my Facebook a year ago and now I feel like there is still something existing beyond the point of control!!! These networking sites are basically a snoop’s dream come true. But reading this article has made me realize that we should rethink the concept of surveillance and it is mutual and participatory I believe.

Another article we were told to read was Vaidhyanathans article Naked in the Nonopticon.  This article had a lot of facts that I had no clue about before. I did not know that the “news-feed” on Facebook was not always a part of the original site. Now it is the top most reason I believe for why people are using and are on Facebook. Our life truly is being lived in the public. This is just scary! When being surveilled online I do feel that if you are on social networking sites you are volunteering your self and this is participatory surveillance. You can not get mad at anyone after you you yourself have put that information out for the world to see.

I don’t feel that there is really a such thing as privacy anymore at all. There are definitely a lot of misuses of these networking sites. I agree with a lot of what Vaidhyanathan said and especially his ending statement on how we should be allowed to be agents in the construction of our reputations. When I read this I got many different meaning from it. But in the end we decide ourselves which information we want to share with the world. I now am starting to think that I should stick to pen, paper and print outs of pictures.



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The Power Of the Web

When reading Priced to Sell by Malcolm Gladwell and even when reading the other articles this week such as Stuart Moulthrop’s: You Say You Want a Revolution?  and Rheingold’s: Attention Literacy I really felt  that getting someone to write for you is basically getting someone else’s work and putting your name on it. Sure as a student with a heavy workload I would be like that sounds nice I can get someone to just do my work for me but when I really think about it that isn’t really “my” work that is the work of the person that I have hired to do so.

When it comes to music online I can say that nowadays nothing is private anyone can record you singing, dancing, or even just talking and post your skills online I have seen it happen with my very own father. It was pretty funny actually my dad has had 2 Punjabi cassettes that he released through some music company whose name I cannot recall and again these were cassettes not CD’s and somehow now if I was to Google my dad I can get links to listen to his music and am even able to download it. My father did not really care much about it but what amazes me is how there was no permission asked or anything and then how someone can put music from a cassette onto a computer well nothing is impossible and a lot of you reading might find this quite easy to do, as for me I don’t really have much interest in doing so.

Because of this all happening I do feel that a lot of expenses that we might have had in the past have cut down a lot whether it be buying CD’s, going to the movies, buying DVD’s, or even books. Everything in the entertainment industry can be found online and that to for free even if it may be illegal.

After reading Rheingold’s article, I thought to myself  wow I really have always had the same questions how does a teacher feel about students using electronics in class? Can we really multitask after all?

When I first started reading Moulthrop’s article I just looked at it for a good while thinking wow this is really long but there was a lot of interesting information on there.  One of the main things that I got from this was which information belongs to whom?

All three of these articles start off quite differently from each other but after reading these articles I had the same questions hovering around my head which were whose work is all of this originally? Do people even know the names of those that are the actual authors of online work? When we read articles on even Star Telegram I know I just think to myself this is Star Telegram’s article or is it Google that owns this because that is how I got to this article in the first place?

I really do want to know what you think.  I’m leaving you all with a few questions. How do you all feel about this “free” entertainment? Should laptops be allowed in classrooms or should we stick to the traditional pen and paper notes? I have attached links to the articles  below if you read haven’t them.



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The World of the Web

Reading “The World Wide Web” article by Berners-Lee which I have attached at the end of this article was very interesting because of all of the thought about the internet before it became the biggest network in the world to connect people. I loved his statement saying, “while using the web you find out all you need to know and much more” which is true. We go on the net to find one thing or even just do one thing and we end up getting connected to so many different things and can’t help but using this web as a getaway from everything. The web is a world of its own.

This whole article was all about the internet before we were familiar with it and it is helping us get familiar with it. However I feel that if one wants to really learn how to use something he has to get out and do it reading about it is just not the same. There are many things out there that I know I don’t ever read the instructions to and just start using the product or whatever the game or software may be. The web truly is a boundless information world where all items have a reference and can be found. Reading this article was even kind of funny to me. Why I say this is because this is an article out there trying to teach people about the internet before it was out and about. I never read any type of instructions before using the internet I just went right ahead and started using it. All of this information is helpful though for those that want to know what the web is besides the physical wiring.

Overall this whole article was related to just the internet and getting familiar with the web. I did learn quite a few things such as what a lot of the things we use on the web stand for such as HTTP or URL and what they are exactly. I can say that reading this article will definitely teach you about the web but when it comes to getting familiar with it you really do need to and have to actually use the web. Reading about the future of the web was something that I really found most interesting. I did not understand a couple of things he had explained maybe because I started using the web without doing so at first.

I feel that the web is used a lot more for things that are not even relevant to what Berners Lee was hoping for. His whole article was basically an instruction manual about the web. Over time the web has changed a lot and has become more appealing than ever before I feel like computers are developing even more thanks to the web. Its surprising how the web is still the same as in browsers and search engines a lot has changed but the basic web is still it. I quite frankly like it like this because it is simple to use and any person anywhere can easily surf around and discover the web.

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“The better uses of Social Media”

Shirkys article on Sasha and Ivanna in chapter one of “Here Comes Everybody”, was really interesting and I have always heard of people solving crimes and getting there word out on social media but in the sense that this was done over a phone I was really amazed. It wasn’t just about the phone it was about the fact that she basically “stole” the phone and after even being caught would not give the phone back. Ivanna with the help of her friend Evan was able to get the whole situation out and about for the world to see. It seriously is power of the media, people, and because of all of the mainstream news outlets that had covered the story that she was able to track the phone down.

After the case had gotten so many complaints from others out there, that is when the police reversed their stand and this is what all social media is all about getting your word out and for people to know what injustice is being done with someone. I really enjoyed reading Ivanna’s phone story. The point of the whole article was not about the phone it was about how so many people gathered together to basically get it back and the media outreach that was done!

Just like Sasha’s mother had said I also never in my life thought that a phone would cause so many problems. All of the social media had helped Evan find family MySpace profiles and addresses. The goal was indeed to make a public statement and retrieve the phone and I felt that this was power of the people in every way. It wasn’t even only about getting Sasha punished because Evan and Ivanna did not press charges against her. If you are given the right tools you have all of the power. This case was all about getting justice which was achieved by the help of media.

It is true when a story is given light we can get more answers and it is definitely easier to track a person down using the media rather than hiring a private detective and what not. The police would not have recognized Ivann’a case as theft because they considered it stolen when in reality it was practically stolen because they knew who took it and that person refused to return it.

But then again sometimes putting too much light on a situation causes it to become worse because this was just about a phone and some situations are really delicate and if any public action is taken the situation will just become worse that it is. Indeed when we change the way we communicate we have the ability to change the society. In conclusion these tools that we have now are helping us get more achieved than ever. This media is helping us get the answers to questions that we all have in regarding to something that might not even be relevant to us but we are able to come together as one more easily. If we use these tools for the right things I definitely feel no one can stop us.

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